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somedays are magical this was one of those days. pelicans, dolphins, seals, surf (well not that much surf actually), sisters, tourist, piers, dogs….  rachel and I ran around la jolla and pb last week meeting bulldogs, eating crappy food and trying to walk in 4 inch heels on an old pier… which as you can imagine is impossible. a tourist actually took a picture of me attempting to navigate the wood planks… it was not graceful. but the pics are pretty cool. 

and how cool is this swing dress? I have a few skirts and dresses with a similar shape- my theory on this is the fuller the skirt the skinnier your legs look… this is a good theory and very similar to the big hair and oversized purse theories- which by now are mostly accepted by everyone. x

fue uno de esos días mágicos, delfines, focas, pelicanos, olas (la verdad no muchas olas), turístas, muelles, perros y hermanas ….rachel y yo anduvimos por todo La Jolla y Pacific Beach….. tratando de caminar en tacones de 4 pulgadas en un muelle viejo … que como se puede imaginar es imposible. hasta los turistas, me tomaron fotos a la hora que trataba de caminar entre los tablones de madera … no lo hice con mucho estilo. pero las fotos salieron bien.

photos by Rachel

Denim Jacket- GAP

Scarf- Express

Dress- Necessary Objects

Leggings- Betsey Johnson

Boots- Jessica Simpson

Bracelets- F21, Hermes, thrifted

Sunnies- Ray-ban New Wayfarer

Hat-  Vintage Adolfo II

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