montes Y mills is my personal style and travel blog. and so it’s vintage, couture, san diego and most of all mexico most of the time. here are the people, clothes, countries and other such things I would like to share.  steffenie

montes y mills es un blog de mi estilo personal y de viajes.  es vintage, couture, San Diego y Mexico. aquí están las personas, la ropa, los países y otras cosas que me gustaría compartir. steffenie

4 thoughts on “about”

  1. Nice step..Monte Y Mills …And let us know what services/products you offer or it is just a general blog that describes about you…??!!

  2. Tatiana Lotufo said:

    Hey there – like the layout a lot. Good taste on blog and photos. Who is the photographer? Montes? While Mills models? Good luck – and I just added you to my blog list. T Lotufo

  3. Hi! For outfit inspirations, check out my website SmilingStyle 🙂

    Follow each other on FB?

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